Psalm 44
‘I will admit no other man’

My hands are lost in the sound of roses
Her lips brush mine as she steals off my clothes
I am found like a bee in the honey of her awakening
In the drop of her dress – in the storm of the rose

Kevin Moran (26/11/10)

Whakapapa: The first line of the psalm was ‘given’ to me as I woke from sleep. As I woke I heard the words: ‘my hands are lost in the sound of roses.’ I quickly wrote them down before they were lost. I found the words so mysterious and inviting. I felt I was being touched by another realm. I could feel the words deep in my chest. I wrote the rest of the poem as a response to these ‘given’ words. The poem evokes Sacred Eros, the Creative Feminine, Sophia.

The words ‘I will admit no other man,’ that I have placed as a preface to the poem were also ‘given’ to me. I woke early & had a cup of tea. I read a bit then felt tired & dozed. I woke a short time later hearing a woman singing a song to me: ‘I will admit no other man.’ I felt deeply touched & awed.

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