Psalm 42

Tears trickle as your bearded face smiles fondly down upon me –
My heart opens like a single red rose – We are Icon –
You are beauty, elegance and grace; but much, much, more –
You are ‘with-me’… &, in the white rose of ‘with-ness’ – my life is confirmed

Kevin Moran (12/11/10)

Whakapapa: This psalm is based on two dreams.
Dream 1: “I was listening to a song playing at the opening of the Commonwealth Games. Its words were repeated over & over: ‘Christ the Living Treasure with me.’” After the dream I pondered over & over the phrase, ‘with me’. Not, ‘in me,’ or, ‘in Thee,’ but, ‘with me.’ I attempt to catch a sense of this unity in the poem.
Dream 2: “I saw a bearded man looking affectionately at me. I knew he knew me very, very well, though I had never seen him before. His face looked Middle Eastern. He had a Middle Eastern coat on. I could see him from the waist up. He was positioned higher up than I was, looking downward at me, smiling affectionately. Unexpectedly, he winked knowingly at me. His wink took me utterly by surprise. I felt shocked and awed.”
In alchemy, the red rose is regarded as a masculine, active principle (sulphur, expansion), whereas the white rose represents the feminine, receptive principle (salt, contraction). The combination of white and red roses symbolizes unity (the alchemical Mercury). White also symbolizes purity, innocence, unconditional love.

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