Psalm 38

i am i & Thou art Thou; yet, breath by breath we breathe as one –
We are Commonwealth: You, drawn like a salmon to the well of my dissolution
Ignite such passionate articulation that i tumble, like a ripe red berry
In the fount of questions – finally to apprehend – Your delicately inquiring mouth


(Kevin Moran 31/10/10)

Whakapapa: I wrote this as part of a process that was happening within me. I felt I was being dissolved; also that ‘something’ was swallowing me. In the Celtic world, the salmon is a creature of sacred wisdom. Wells of knowledge appear in Irish literature overhung by hazel or rowan bushes. In such wells live the salmon of knowledge who feed on the scarlet berries or the nuts dropping into the water. Whoever eats the flesh of these fish acquires second sight and the knowledge of all things. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols: Jean Chevalier (author), Alain Gheerbrant (author), John Buchanan Translator) pg. 822.

The phrase, ‘We are Commonwealth’ comes from a dream. “I was listening to a song played at the opening of the Commonwealth Games. Its words were repeated over & over: ‘Christ the Living Treasure with me.’

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