Psalm 37

When Frank and I played
Christmas in the Heart
We just laughed & laughed

A couple of old hippies
Listening to Moreporks
On the West Coast –

Something about Dylan
Crooning Jingle Bells
Made infinite sense

While down South in a manger
Santa blew by in the wind –

I know Jesus is a poem –
I know he’s wild and free –
I know they’ll never discover
His name – & I know

It’s in the afterbirth
Balance is found

Everything hangs together
Surprised but true –

Especially the angel you
Never see –

I love the ripple
I love the river

I love the moon
I love the mouse

And Bob –
Good old Bob –
I love Bob –

His stormy equilibrium

Jingle Belling in the wind

Kevin Moran 11/12/09

Whakapapa: This is the final poem of the Black’s Point sequence. At Black’s Point my friend Frank & I listened to Bob Dylan’s new Christmas CD ‘Christmas in the Heart.’ The poem concerns the ‘Inner Christmas’ or the ‘New Birth’ experience, where a person’s ‘Inner Christ’ or ‘Self’ is born in the manger of the heart… amid the instincts. I love this poem; there is something magical about it, the way it hangs loose yet somehow always remains balanced & together. Dedicated to my friend Frank Yardley.

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