Psalm 36

Red bra
You are the delectable tease
You’ve stolen all my pyjamas
You’re so fucking scary
You lick me sane

Why, why, why, I cry
Why you and not some other name

Because, you drool
I am the red bra
My thighs stride
Your delirious mind
I hump you sane
Delicious in rain

Kevin Moran… 24/11/09… Blacks Point

Whakapapa: At the time, this was the scariest psalm I had ever written. It broke all my rules. I still love it. It is a song to Sacred Eros (The red bra), the erotic & passion-filled life that arises from the heart. This erotic life is part of the Divine Life. Nature is full of it. It is one of the faces of the Sacred Feminine. Mostly Eros is censored in the Western spiritual tradition, though it lives in the Song of Songs. In the East it is honoured in Tantra & Taoism. At Black’s Point I experienced Sacred Eros. It seemed she had stolen my pyjamas, i.e. my common sense, my caution, my over dependence on rationality. She wanted me to burn. To live. To risk. She rose from the heart humping my brain sane. She was passionately calling me to a different & more adventurous way of life. I was aware of the ‘I am’s’ of John’s Gospel as I wrote: ‘I am the Way’, ‘I am the Light’, etc. In this poem Sacred Eros exalts; ‘I am the Red Bra’. As she does, she proclaims the power & wisdom of the sacred & erotic feminine.

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