Psalm 33

No one tells you the path to the heart
It’s not that no one knows – but it’s your heart
Let me tell you about the day I stood between guardians –
The first I call original snake.
He’s so, so me! Yet, now I notice the stranger
I decide to call her snake 2 – Nothing scares me more!
And this is the confusing bit –
Round and round they rut –
It’s love and hate – Suffering and sex –
Passion and fear – Bite and kiss –
I dream snakes
& on the third day I rise –
I’ve read about this in every book ever written –
The guards sleep but Magdalene remains –
It’s in her eyes I discover myself –
She’s everything I’ve ever wanted –
I tap this out at Black’s Point –
In the Kowhai Tui’s mate –
A blue clematis stands open –
Everything lives


Kevin Moran… 21/11/09 – Black’s Point

Whakapapa: This is the first of a series of psalms I wrote at Black’s Point (near Reefton on the West Coast). Black’s Point was a major turning point on my journey. I was in turmoil as I struggled with a personal crisis. The psalm reflects on the process I was undergoing. I was struggling to reconcile two conflicting patterns. On one side was an ‘old’ pattern of family first, duty, loyalty at all cost, faithfulness and a powerful instinct to avoid hurting another. On the other was a ‘new’ pattern consisting of a passion for authenticity, integrity, aliveness, unfettered creativity, new life, freedom at all costs. I struggled back & forth between these two seemingly irreconcilable energies. I felt torn to pieces. Energy-one is ‘original snake’; energy-two ‘snake 2’. The poem is about a transition & integration. It is not that ‘original-snake’ is all ‘wrong’; it held & continues to hold values that are important to me. However, original-snake could no longer remain number one snake! Snake 2 needed to predominate if the Self was to manifest. The struggle is depicted as a passionate sexual encounter. Opposites resist but they also attract! In the midst of this passionate, sexual struggle something new is born. The heart opens. ‘On the third day’ is a reference to resurrection: ‘Magdalene’ to the Sacred Feminine; ‘the blue clematis’ is a symbol of the Self. When I wrote the poem I wrote it quickly & intuitively. It was only later I began to see the patterns & images & their meanings.

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