Psalm 30

Who can say why the black horse rears –
His hoofs pawing vacant air & is gone?

I spend my days building altars to the Uncontainable
My nights with the Smasher of Chains

What seizes my life is incontestable
I am birthed in a river of flame

Kevin Moran 13/8/11

Whakapapa: As I left Christchurch for a short break on the West Coast I saw (in my mind’s eye) a black stallion rising on his back legs, ‘hoofs pouring the vacant air,’ throwing off his halter, fleeing the village & galloping alone through the wilds. I turned this image over & over in my mind as I drove. When I got to Moana I looked up an old dream in which I become a black horse (see below). The poem contains reference to the Self. The Self is ‘the Uncontainable’ & ‘the Smasher of Chains.’

Dream – ‘I saw a wild black horse galloping. I then became the black horse. I saw through its eyes. Its skin was my skin. I ran powerfully. There was a sense that I had entered a new forbidden relationship. It felt like a gay relationship. It was taboo; culturally forbidden. There was something strongly masculine about it. It felt elemental. It was like returning to an original state. Male with male. There was a tremendous sense of freedom.’ (16/3/10).
Symbolism of the black horse includes: Mystery, death, night, secret, messenger of hidden knowledge. Symbolism of the stallion includes the powers of fertility, instinct & through sublimation; Spirit.

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