Psalm 27

Is this a dream or do I wake
Where sun & moon entwine

With golden bees in kāmahi
In white & pink sublime

As joy & light in sheer delight
Shine on kōpara’s shrine

& tui’s beak sips rata sweet
Where king & queen align

Kevin Moran 18/8/11

Whakapapa: The origins of this psalm are feelings of joy & connectedness I felt as I (attempted) to meditate. The poem contains the alchemical image of the marriage of the King (Sol) & Queen (Luna). Part of alchemical transformation is the inner marriage of the masculine (spirit) & the feminine (soul). In alchemy this is called the Rubedo. Its fruit is a unitary consciousness which unites male (yang) & female (yin) in one dynamic system. The kāmahi is a New Zealand tree with pink & white flowers; bees swarm on it when it is in flower. The rata is a New Zealand native tree with bright red flowers on which songbirds (including the tui) feed. Kōpara is the green bellbird, one of the most prominent songsters in the bush. ‘Kōpara’ is especially the female bellbird.

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