Psalm 26

Can I bear this shaping Cross
Carved in the Maker’s hand
The path so all-original
Its source – primeval land

& can I mount the hill of love
While to myself hold true
Unfold in Nature’s principles
Yet, see my loving through


Kevin Moran 17/8/11

Whakapapa: This psalm is written out of my struggle to be simultaneously true to the call to be authentically myself & at the same time obey the call to love. As I wrote I was mindful of the journey of the Christ as he walked his ‘hill of love.’ One meaning of the life & death of Christ is that it is a template of the archetypal journey to become an individual. If we are called out of group-thinking & group-being (as Christ was) to follow our own individual call, sooner or later we will encounter the same archetypal struggles the Christ experienced. This includes carrying the cross of our uniqueness while attempting to stay true to the inner law of love. However, the journey of the Christ did not stop at becoming an individual. The individuated Christ discovered his connection & oneness with all Creation (which he called ‘the Father’). He also lived out the primal law of Love which is the supreme dance of the Father. In this Love the Christ is especially one with the poor, the dispossessed & the outsider.

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