Psalm 25

Cast by cast I dismiss their well-intentioned words

In my own waders fish the Arnold’s
Blackening mouth –
Sip the bitter wine of her death

Across the river – Te Ruru’s enduring call
Out of darkness – Te Wani’s beautiful song

Kevin Moran 8/6/11

Whakapapa: After my mother’s death I was physically & emotionally exhausted. I drove to Moana to re-gather strength. I needed to connect with the reality of mum’s death. I was irritated by some of the well-intentioned words spoken around the time of mum’s funeral. ‘She’s with Jim now,’ ‘She’s preparing to reincarnate,’ ‘May perpetual light shine upon her.’ Such words detracted from the finality & reality of my mother’s death. I wanted to ‘stand in my own waders’ & feel what was truly going on for me. It was a beautiful night as I fished the Arnold mouth. I was particularly touched by the song of Te Wani (the black swan) which came floating to me out of the river’s pitch blackness. Within my soul, my mother & beauty are intricately interwoven.

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