Psalm 24

Climbing rain wreathed Te Kinga
Tīwaiwaka flits & pips about my feet

See – See – your Te Kinga lives –
See – See – the beauty of her eyes

Heart aflame I retie mucky boots
My cheeks, a leafy trail of tears


Kevin Moran 23/5/11

Whakapapa: On my 60th birthday I tramped the Ara o Te Kinga track to the lookouts. Early in the tramp I encountered tewaiwaka (the fantail). She was all about me, twitting & flitting especially around my boots. As I watched her I experienced Te Kinga’s aliveness. I knew she was watching me (through tiwaiwaka’s eyes). I felt deeply touched. Throughout the rest of my holiday around the Lake Brunner area I watched Te Kinga’s many faces & many moods. She felt alive & connected to my heart: at once herself… but also… my own essential nature.

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