Psalm 23

Mind convinced
Love pulls the outside in –

On my 60th birthday
I ascend Te Kinga




Kevin Moran 16/5/11

Whakapapa: This poem includes words adapted from ‘the voice’ (heard on the cusp between sleep & waking): ‘When you convince the head, love pulls the outside inside.’ It is situated on a short tramp on Mt Te Kinga on my 60th birthday. When the outside becomes the inside, the soul & Nature are one. The ‘Love’ in this poem is Eros: ecstatic love. In his poem ‘The New Rule,’ the poet Rumi describes Eros: “Here’s the new rule: break the wineglass, and fall toward the glassblower’s breath.” Ecstatic love is born when the old rules break & a person falls (through chaos) toward the glassblower’s breath. Te Kinga in Maori means ‘place of speaking or oratory.’ Te Kinga is my mountain. It overlooks Lake Brunner (Kotuku Whakaoho) & the town of Moana where I was born. In my poetry Te Kinga often symbolizes the Self.

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