Psalm 20

I know not what brings me
To coil languid on the black stone of my life

To flicker in tongues
At the departing language of the mind

I am walking snake
Hissing word

I rise ruthless
In the abyss of the moment

He who carries me
Fears me

He who fears me
Loves me

I am cold in the heart of him

Kevin Moran – 20/6/10

Whakapapa: On June the 4th I threw the I Ching & asked it whether I should attend a workshop. As so often happens, the I Ching spoke to a deeper process going on in me. It came up with Hexagram 49: ‘Skinning/Revolution’.1) It spoke of the need to ‘strip away the old: let new life emerge; revolt and renew.’ The need to ‘burn away ego conditioning and bring to light the true essence of primal unified awareness.’ Skinning/Revolution includes the image of a snake shedding its skin. I think of a snake striking to heal; striking to reveal. Snakes are linked to the basic wellspring of life. Their archetypal power is particularly linked to poetry, painting & healing. The image of ‘Black Stone’ comes from a dream. In the last line ‘cold’ speaks to me of the potency of ‘original instinct’ & its ability to strike through the lukewarm, people-pleasing layers of cultural conditioning to bring ‘sight’ & ‘life.’ Snakes are cold blooded.

1) Stephen Karcher’s ‘Total I Ching, Myths for Change’ Pg. 351.

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