Psalm 17

In a dream
An abbess – Emissary of an ancient order
Of the hallowed feminine
Comes to me –
Takes my arm –
Guides me to a dying postulant
Do not live in the circle
Of ever brightening
Good news –
Leaves me stunned

I write this poem
To honour a dying woman

I write this poem
As departure

I write this poem
As questioning

Are we somehow responsible
For this young healer’s death?

How deep sinks our darkness?
Do we infect the Great Memory?

They ride forth to influence us
Do we not also influence them?

Are we and they not one life?

I write this poem
As exodus

I write this poem
As pledge

I write this poem
As vigil

I kneel at the bed of a young woman
Scatter roses



Kevin Moran 20/2/10

Whakapapa: This poem is formed around a dream… which I experienced as a visitation from one of the feminine healers who are part of the ‘Great Memory.’ A postulant is a woman (or man) on the pathway towards taking religious vows. In my dream she was a young woman. The phrase ‘Great Memory’ comes from the poet W.B. Yeats. Yeats believed in the existence of a ‘Great Memory’ and a ‘Great Mind’ of which the individual memory and individual mind are parts. This memory is the memory of Nature herself. Yeats’s thinking was influenced by ‘Tradition’. The images & metaphysics of Tradition can be uncovered within the ancient traditions of Neo-Platonism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism & Alchemy. They are contained within the myths (or living stories) of ancient Greece & the symbols & stories of the Bible & Traditional Western & Eastern Art. The philosopher Plato called this Deeper Life we live within, ‘Anima Mundi,’ or the World Soul. Yeats believed that this Memory and Great Mind could be evoked by symbols. His ideas are similar to those of the ‘Collective Unconscious’ of C.J. Jung with its ‘archetypes’ (or primordial images). Jung believed that in our deep dreams we can consciously connect with the collective unconscious. Understanding the reality of Anima Mundi is particularly topical in the light of the film Avatar. Part of the hero Jake’s transformational quest is his discovery of, & connection with, ‘the Tree of Souls.’ The Tree of Souls is a similar concept to Anima Mundi. On Pandora the Tree of Souls is a last refuge. It is a sacred place where the Na’vi connects with the Ever-Present Source of their life. The Tree of Souls is Nature herself.

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