Psalm 12

You are the eyes of midnight
You gather here tonight
Beyond the chime of black & white
You are my saving light

The eye of hawk & owl & dove
Are wedded in your love
The eye of earth & sun & moon
You wear them like a glove

Though most of you is many
You’re always ever one
You are the gaze of midnight
& so my life’s begun

I’ll not be here forever
Though you’ll never let me go
Beyond the toll of black & white’s
What only we can know

You came by invitation
Before my life was born
Dark mistress of seduction
My heart in you is storm

You are the eyes of midnight
Assembled here tonight
Beyond these blind & fallen words
Your life in me is sight

I’ll spend the night beside you
There’s nowhere left to go
We kiss as we uncover
What’s cooking down below

You are the gaze of midnight
You’ve drawn me to your side
You’re dark & very naked
I’ve nothing left to hide

Kevin Moran 24/3/11

Whakapapa: I wrote this poem after a dream which included being harried by a small black & white creature. As I lay semi-awake afterward I experienced the physical sensation of being given ‘sight’, a way of seeing connected with images, vision & prescience. As the experience unfolded, words began to come to me. They were the way ‘sight’ manifested itself. I wrote the words down: ‘Oh very sight of midnight/ I meet you here tonight/Beyond the shade of black & white/you are my saving guide…’ I was writing in a half awake, half trance state. Out of this experience the psalm evolved.

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