Psalm 10

the night the lightning flashed
& the struck-tower of my life fell

i discovered afresh, the lightning-hurler
smiling from the cradle of my shaken heart

i have come to love this feisty little Zeus
ever-creative in the sand-clock of my days

perhaps my life inclines toward a simple prayer –
the steady breath of a let-go man

dying free

Kevin Moran 23/9/10

Whakapapa: I wrote this poem after giving notice from a part-time counselling job. While I could see the human and organisational factors behind my departure, I also had an uncanny sense that the Self was orchestrating my leaving. The symbol of ‘the tower’ refers to a dream I had the night I resigned (September 11th!): ‘I was in a tall skyscraper with a schoolboy friend & rival (a much more conservative & heady person than myself). The ground quakes & the skyscraper starts to fall. We attempt to escape down the internal staircase but to no avail. The skyscraper totters & falls with both of us inside. We hold hands in the darkness as the tower crashes toward the ground. Afterward I walk around the wreckage (alone) looking for a pattern that is supposedly within the debris.’ Following the dream I reflected on ‘the Tower,’ the 16th card of the Tarot deck. The 22 Major Arcana (or trumps) of the tarot deck contain primordial images (or archetypes). These images form part of the Western Esoteric (or Inner) Wisdom Tradition. The 16th card depicts a tower being struck by lightning with a man & a woman falling from it. It therefore depicts an act of God (or the Self)… like the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. The Tower symbolises the efforts of the ego to rule a person’s life, rather than the ego allowing & cooperating with the Self who, for wholeness’ sake, needs to be at the centre. The lightning strike redresses the balance. The tower falls, bringing the opportunity for sudden & unexpected change. The Self image in the poem is that of the Divine Child. This image is often encountered in dreams as part of the individuation process. The Divine Child (or the Christ Child) is frequently depicted in Christian iconography. He is held by Mary who symbolises the soul or Sacred feminine.

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